The Video Production Process: Part 1

Concepts: Myth vs. Reality

One myth that I imagine may float around in the heads of those that think about Starscape Media is that we are behind the concepts for every video that we create. Not so, my friends, not so at all. In reality, I would say the majority of the time, we feel more like video assembly-line workers, putting together the pieces laid before us. In other words, we’re directed by clients regarding what to shoot and the sort of message a video needs to convey, and then we go shoot that thing and put the pieces together in a way that tells the story the way it was first described to us. 

We’ve made a lot of videos this way, and all in all, we’re really proud of those videos. Because we take a lot of care and attention to how we shoot video and then how we edit that video together to tell a story. But please let me continue... 

Oh what a wonderful production world it would be {to me, especially, as a creative content producer}, if clients would come to us with a need - any need - (not just for a video, but for what they need the video to accomplish for them) and let us step away for a minute (or a few days, let’s say) and marinate on that need and how we could provide a creative video solution. That is our sweet spot! 

As a video producer, I have a few goals - yes, to make great videos. But beyond that, my goal is to please those that are paying me to make them a video. And there’s no better way to please a customer than to make a video that makes you smile that you made the video. Not just because it’s fun or entertaining or pretty to look at. But because it delivered what you wanted in the first place. 

So to our clients - past, present, and future - I will say: come talk to us about your video needs. And consider allowing us to present some ideas that may differ from what you have envisioned, but that would bring a "wow factor" to your project that will produce results. That's what we're here to do. Let's tell your story! 

Starscape Media Founder/ Producer

Carrie CannadayComment