The starscape story

A video depicting our story is in the works; because, if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video must be worth at least a million!

 In the meantime, know we've been around since 2007 and we've produced nearly 1,000 videos for dozens of clients all over the USofA.

Learn more about the head honchos that make up Starscape Media below. 


Carrie Cannaday - founder / executive producer / creative director

"Video can be a slice of life captured, or in some cases, life brought to life in a fuller form."

To our founder, there's nothing quite like video. How else can we capture and portray life in a way that resembles how it is lived - with light and motion, sound and text. The union of all these elements makes video the most powerful media on earth. Video gives us the ability to most fully express the ideas and events that make up our lives. Carrie has been utilizing video for that very purpose since she was 16 years old. With a journalistic background, she has been gathering information and bringing it to life through video for more than two decades. She desires to never tell a story the same way twice - inserting buckets of creative excellence into every story she tells. Friendly and focused, you'll meet Carrie in the conceptual stages of your video production, and she'll be around to see the project to completion, guiding each stage, as our chief video producer. 

Kayla Edit_Cropped.jpg

kayla beverly - cinematographer / video editor / motion graphics Designer

Practically born with a video camera in her hands {ok, so she started shooting at age 2}, Kayla is a true creative. She is a 2010 graduate of East Tennessee State University, holding a degree in Digital Media. Kayla excels in bringing creative concepts to life, be through the lens of a camera or through a variety of software platforms (though she prefers all things Apple and Adobe). She started working with Starscape while still a student at ETSU and she has been an integral part of the Company's growth and success throughout the last decade. 


jeff green - director of photography / producer / video editor

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” —Vincent Van Gogh

This would sum up my feeling about this creative career I have chosen or perhaps it has chosen me. I started back in the 1990’s as a camera assistant on Feature Films and Movies of the Week. At the dawn of a new millennium I left the film world and migrated to video as the technology started to mimic the more expensive film look. It was a great fit for me and I really started honing my Cinematography skills shooting anything from wedding videos in the early days to Fortune 500 CEOs and other prestigious clients today. Part of my passion for this craft is the ever-evolving tools that we use. From the cameras and lenses we choose daily to the editing desktop software of the post production side of things. I am 100% boy inside this man’s body and I like the toys as much now as I did when I started. Now nearly 20 years and thousands of footage hours later I feel accomplished, however, I am always looking to create the next master piece like Vincent. I hope we get a chance to discuss your vision and brand!