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Kayla Stroud


Space face on and Mac in hand... 

Kayla doesn't mess around when it comes to getting video projects edited. She's been a master Starscape editor since way back when and is a true Adobe expert. She is also well-equipped with a video camera and a gimbal, so don't be too surprised if you catch sight of Kayla on-site on a Starscape video shoot. 

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Kayla's Story

Kayla joined the Starscape team in 2010 after graduating from the Digital Media program at East Tennessee State University. For more than a decade, Kayla has been an integral part of Starscape Media. Kayla also produces content for her church, Harvest Community Church in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Fun Facts

Enjoys Baking

Loves to Play Guitar & Ukulele!

Breve Lattes

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